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Small Business Services

Make the Most of Your Time

There’s nothing more sacred to a small business owner than time. Unfortunately, it always seems like you never have enough. GNB Bank’s suite of Small Business Services focuses on saving you time while expanding your ability to conduct business efficiently.

eCorp - Business Online Banking*

Our Business Online Banking allows you to concentrate on what matters most - your business! These streamlined and simple processes can help your company save time, reduce expense and focus on the most important aspects of running your business. 

Remote Deposit Service*

Making trips to the bank to deposit business checks is a thing of the past! Remote Deposit allows you to deposit business checks right from your office, even if you have multiple locations.


GNB Bank Recordkeeping*

Focus on running your business while we handle your monthly bookkeeping! GNB Bank helps you save time by providing balance sheets and income statements based on your account activity.


Merchant Credit Card Program

The ability to accept credit cards not only opens up revenue opportunities, but expands your potential customer base to include those who don’t carry cash. You also get convenient, local service to help with setup and any issues that may arise.


Visa® Business Card

Track purchases, expand your purchasing power and earn ScoreCard® Rewards points for your business with GNB Bank ’s Business Credit Card. Additionally, you get the friendly and knowledgeable local service from GNB Bank that you deserve.


Employee Retirement Plans

Your employees are important. If you want to offer a comprehensive retirement plan to them, the professionals at GNB Bank can help you determine if a 401(k), SEP IRA or SIMPLE IRA is the best fit, as well as help you administer your employee retirement plan.

Contact, call or stop by any GNB Bank office to learn more about our Small Business Services and how they can help your business!

*Fees may apply for this service

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