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Credit Cards - the hardest working plastic around. Don’t like to carry a lot of money? Tired of businesses not taking checks? You need a credit or debit card from GNB.


Credit CardsCredit cards

MasterCard - You'll love the local service that's guaranteed with a GNB credit card. Take advantage of worldwide access to credit, with the assurance that answers to your questions and solutions for credit card problems are easily accessible via a phone call to the bank. No annual fee and competitive interest rate.

Score Car

Visa and Visa Gold - Simply use your GNB credit card for all of your purchasing needs such as gas and groceries to gifts. For every dollar you spend, you'll earn 1 point to redeem for merchandise, travel and other rewards! No annual fee and variable interest rates.

  • Local, personal service
  • Shopping, eating, traveling, sightseeing- one card pays for it all