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Credit Cards

Build Your Credit & Earn Rewards

Your personal credit history is a vital part of your finances throughout life. A personal credit card not only helps you build up your credit, but also provides additional purchasing power and a chance to earn rewards!                                                                                                   

ScoreCard Rewards program - Check Out Your Rewards!earn points for every dollar charged. Points may be redeemed for merchandise or travel.

Redeem2Erase allows you to redeem your reward points to erase recent transactions ranging from $20-$1000.

Cash back via statement credit or ACH deposit into your GNB Bank account.

Visa® Cashback Rewards and Visa® Cashback Business Credit Cards

  • Get rewarded for your credit card purchases!
  • For every dollar you spend on gas, groceries and other essentials, you earn points to redeem for shopping, food, travel and other amazing rewards.

Credit Card Debt Payoff Calculator


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