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Savings Accounts

Save Now, Benefit Later

“Save money and it will save you.”

Saving money is a skill that will serve you well at all times of your life. While your financial situation and goals may change, the need to save money will never go away. That’s why we offer a variety of savings options to help you and your family in all phases of life.

Basic Savings

Our traditional savings account covers the “basics” every savings should offer: security, easy access and a little boost to help your money grow.
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Kasasa® Saver

A perfect complement to the Kasasa® Cash and Kasasa® Cash Back checking accounts, Kasasa® Saver offers a premium rate (if qualifications are met) on the cash back you earn with no monthly maintenance fee.
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Christmas Club Savings

Save specifically for that special time of year with a Christmas Club account. Make deposits to the account all year that get a boost from earned monthly interest, and then reap the rewards at the beginning of November to prepare for the holiday season.
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GNBee Kids Club

Available for kids age 12 and under, GNBee Kids club is a fun way for your child to learn the basics of saving and develop good savings habits. Rewarded with prizes and special events, GNB puts your children on the path to saving more and saving smarter.
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Money Market Deposit Account

Are you able to keep a higher savings balance? Do you want to be rewarded with a higher interest rate? Of course you do! Our Money Market Deposit Account offers tiered interest and is available for personal and business use.
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Other Savings Products

We also offer retirement accounts (IRAs) and health savings accounts (HSAs), call for details.

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