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eServices - “E” as in easy to use - “E” as in everyone will love these features. GNB's Online BillPay offers fast, easy and convenient ways to manage your money, and you'll never have to lick another stamp.
Email Addresses

Email addresses

For your protection GNB is collecting information that will help us contact you in the event of a debit card fraud alert and to authorize customer requests for account information. Simply complete this form.




  • No paper statements!
  • View statements online
  • Free!


Online banking

Online banking

  • Easy and convenient
  • Log on from home, work or school
  • Free!

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Mobile Banking

Mobile Banking App

  • View your account balances
  • Transfer funds between accounts
  • Deposit checks easily with Click & Deposit
  • Pay bills
  • Free!

This app is available for iPhone® and Android™ mobile phones. It's easy to get started - simply download the app from your phone's app store. Don’t have an Android or iPhone? Simply type https://gnbbank.securemobileaccess.com into your phone or tablet’s web browser to access the new mobile GNB Bank site.




Hectic Schedule? Need an easy way to manage your bills? GNB's Online BillPay is fast, easy and convenient, and you'll never have to lick another stamp. All you need is a GNB checking account and online access to your accounts.

Here's how it works: You communicate electronically with us to create a personal payment list for the bills you want to pay. Pay bills such as insurance, loans, credit cards, or utilities. In fact, you can pay almost any merchant or service provider with a U.S. Postal address - in any amount up to $999,999.99 - on any date you choose within the BillPay procedures. For regular payments with varying amounts, you'll only have to enter the amount and payment date each month since the system remembers the addresses.

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  • One site to pay your bills
  • One login, one password
  • Free!

Get started with BillPay today by logging into your online accounts, selecting the account you wish to pay bills from, and then clicking on the Pay Bills tab. Not using Online Banking yet? It’s quick and easy to enroll.