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Mobile Deposit FAQs

What items can I deposit with Mobile Deposit?

Checks made payable to the account owner or joint owners that have been properly endorsed with the owner’s signature and marked as mobile deposit in the endorsement section.

Are there items I can’t deposit with Mobile Deposit?

  • No foreign checks
  • No bonds
  • No third party checks
  • No returned or re-deposited items
  • No rebate checks

Mobile Deposit may not be able to image money orders other than those from Western Union.

Is there a cutoff time for deposits?

The cutoff time for submitting deposits is 4:00 p.m. Central Time, Monday through Friday. Items deposited after that time are processed the next business day.

Are there any fees for using Mobile Deposit?

While Mobile Banking and Mobile Deposit are free products we provide to our customers, message and data rates from your carrier may apply. Please check with your communications service provider for access rates, texting charges, and other applicable fees.

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