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Archive - April 2022

Couple in their new home
Should I refinance or buy a new home?

RATES ARE RISING. I WANT TO BUY OR REFINANCE MY HOME.  WHAT SHOULD I DO? So. You’ve been thinking about refinancing or shopping for a new home. Home prices are high and going higher. Finding the right home will cost you more than...

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Piggy bank and coins
Why Banking is Important

Why Are Banks Valuable? We need to change our definition of banking to give it more perspective. This might sound strange, but the conventional definition of a bank is fairly limited, especially in the common use. When we hear the word bank, we...

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Excellent credit score theme with young woman using her laptop
What is a Credit Score and How Can I Best Manage Mine?

Understanding How Credit Works We’ve all heard the term credit score before, possibly many times (possibly too many times for some of us). It seems to run our financial lives and dictates many things from what we can borrow to how we pay things...

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Man using credit card to make online purchase
Debit vs. Credit Card: What's the Difference?

Understanding Cards For most people starting out in their financial life, cards all look the same. You either insert them or swipe them, run their numbers or hand them to a cashier. It’s a simple, fast process that has revolutionized payments...

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