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Go Club

It's a big world, let us take you there!

If you like to travel or your idea of an empty nest or retirement lifestyle includes traveling on one-day trips to local destinations or two-week excursions to exotic locations, Go Club is what you've been looking for! Started more than thirty years ago, the Club's mission is to provide friendship and travel opportunities to bank customers and friends. There are many benefits to group travel - check it out for yourself!

  • Convenience and ease of travel 
  • Access to top destinations and attractions
  • Great service from a dedicated team 
  • Travel with people you know    
  • Security and safety
  • No worries - we take care of all the planning

How do you become a member?  If you have, or are willing to establish, a $5000 banking relationship with GNB Bank, you are qualified for membership in Go Club. This relationship can include a checking or savings account, Certificates of Deposit, IRA, loans, trust, or investments with GNB. Guests are welcome to travel with the Club when there is availability.

Want to Start Exploring? Contact Amanda or Kelli to enroll in Go Club.

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