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GNB Trust Services - Estate Planning

Lots of people can benefit from a trust, and GNB administers trusts for many different types of clients and for many purposes. A trust is the only way to make sure that your financial wishes are carried out, and it’s the perfect way to leave a legacy.

Have questions? Contact , Director of Trust Services for information.

Services Include

  • Farm Management – Whether you’re an absentee landowner or simply don’t have the time for the ongoing operations of the farm, this service may be the right solution for you.
  • Trusts – We work with you, your family, your attorney, and your accountant to meet your specific goals and objectives.
  • Estates – Appointing GNB as executor of your will provides continuity and an objective viewpoint in administering your wishes.
  • Agency Accounts – We act as your agent by researching, investing, and managing your portfolio.
  • IRA Administration – GNB will administer your self-directed Individual Retirement Account that may hold closely held stock or other unique assets.


Interested in having online access to your trust services account?

Benefits include paperless statements, 24-hour access, and a variety of ways to view your account information. Contact us for more details or to get enrolled for this free service today.

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